Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Get Busy

So. I'm sitting in the airport by the gate and some old lady just farted. GREAT.

They say in writing you should write to please one person, aside from yourself. If you try to appeal to mass audiences you will achieve nothing.

I am going on a journey starting Monday. For years I haven't owned a TV and now Im going to commit to no vehicle usage during daylight hours. Yes daylight hours only.   1. Because I live in the hood and someone will hit me over the head with a pipe.   2.The Leavenworth rapist is on the loose. I wonder if he's hot.   3. Because I don't want to take a bus or cab to the bar, round trip. Lol. I'm going to write about those experiences on public transportation, a cab, or walking. Seeing that every time I've walked anywhere I ran into some crazy random person it should make for some interesting commentary.

Got to go now. Plane boarding. White castle here I come

1 comment:

  1. So. This blog is true. With that being said I haven't been on a bus, and frankly I don't think I even wrote this blog. Who would have such crazy ideas. :)