Sunday, September 9, 2012

An Act of Congress

So. I never legally changed my name – and I thought changing it on your social security card was ‘legally changing your name’ and the other identifications that you use such as a drivers license, or a passport were just alias’ if you will. So I go about my entire adult married life thinking, “I never changed my name legally – I’m so cool” and then after I got divorced (2 nd time) I go to the DMV to get my driver’s license changed. They say …”You have to bring your stamped legal divorce decree” (I’m like whatever I have my passport my birth certificate, my copy of my decree, residence proof, everything I could think of) So I get the legal copy with all the dumb stamps and everything. I go back. The lady behind the desk starts reading the decree and I’m thinking … am I really letting a 10 dollar an hour clerk analyze my divorce decree and for what purpose? And other explicative (whatever however you spell it) running through my mind. She says “Sorry you don’t have the legal order in the decree that allows you to change your name back” I said “Really, Really? What are you talking about. I’m divorced, I never changed my name legally, what are you talking about” She says “You can’t change the name on your license back to your maiden name without a court order or verbiage in your divorce decree saying you are allowed to do that” I said … “Jesus I guess we live in a 3 rd world country or something and it takes an act of congress to get rid of your stupid ex-husbands last name on your driver’s license”

Ok so there is my story. Doesn’t it suck! And to this day my stupid attorney still hasn’t gotten me a court date and my legal name remains as Mrs. Douchebag

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  1. I still don't have my court date, or my name changed. I'm sure the attendant at southwest wonders why I give him/her the evil eye when they refer to me by my married name, then i realize duh it's on my boarding pass.

    Everytime I look at the boarding pass, I die a little more inside. Ok a little dramatic I realize that ... everytime I look at it i take pleasure in knowing that my ex is miserable and alone. There really is justice in the world.