Thursday, September 13, 2012

Ah Sweet Romance ..

What were my most romantic moments:
1.       Brian I’m pregnant. Don’t worry we’ll get married. (1st proposal)
2.       I missed you for the last 6 mos. Since we’ve been apart I have dated about 50 different women and none of them were like you. Will you marry me? (2nd proposal)
Those are my top 2. Every girls dream. Yes I’m an idiot for marrying them.

Most romantic:
Sitting in a studio with David (the English dude) while he sang me a song and played his keyboard – a song he wrote for me.
·         Spoiler: He didn’t have a job and was on public aid. Biggest Loser.
My first make-out session ever  when I was in college, with my very first boyfriend.
·         Spoiler: (He later moved to Omaha coincidentally and went out with my sister, dated her for a long while, and told me that she was a better kisser than me)
 Kissing my then husband after I gave birth to our first son. Doing the same after my daughter. Doing the same after our 2nd son.
·         Spoiler: my husband told me he was sterile and couldn’t have children.

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