Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Do you like to ...

Do You Like To ….
So now for the tale of the random suitors I run into on a regular basis.
I was at my favorite establishment and sitting amongst a fairly large group of friends. Actually switching from table to table to visit with various people. I decided to take a BIO break, and when I returned I saw three well-dressed gentlemen. I sat down by a friend who said, those boys are Mayor XYZ’s kids. I’m like wow, I don’t care. They were fairly attractive and obviously had a stiff neck because they had a hard time looking away from my direction, but as you all know if you’ve read my blog before I have great discernment. I always pick the biggest losers.
Turns out these guys were financially taken care of, but were just basically socially inept.
A friend switched from one table to another so I walked over, past the gauntlet of drooling, drunk , staring fools, to sit next to my friend. I thought I was in the clear when one scooted in front of me, stared into my eyes, (how romantic huh) and simply said … DO YOU LIKE TO F*** ??
Even I, who has heard every rude, crude, inappropriate comment was stunned. I was dressed well, I looked respectable and I was not all hookered out. No FMP shoes, No Low Cut Top, No Tight Jeans, Nothing. I stared back, for full effect, and smiled. I said …”Everyone likes to F*** What kind of question is that?” and added “Maybe if you paid your dues, and put a ring on it, I’d consider F***ing you” and I walked away and sat down.
So there it is. I can say that my response evoked even more admiration and declarations of love, and I’m proud to say that I did not go for the loser in this case. Maybe I’m learning J

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